AAPA Master Class on Intelligent Compaction in July 2020

The Australian Asphalt Paving Association (AAPA) will conduct its 2020 Master Class that is aligned with the AAPA continual improvement program to improve flexible pavement construction outcomes and supports the use of smart technology in process control and product acceptance to improve the quality and consistency of the delivered product. The first 2020 Virtual Master Class on Intelligent Compaction (IC) will give the chance to interact with global experts, to familiarize with fundamentals of IC and to develop practical skills with data analysis using Veta software. The speakers include Dr. George K. Chang of Transtec Group (also President of International Society for Intelligent Construction – ISIC), Prof. Soheil Nazarian of UTEP (also Vice President of ISIC), Ms. Rebecca Embacher of MNDOT (also a Technical Committee member of ISIC), and Dr. Jeffrey Lee of ARRB (also a Technical Committee member of ISIC). Check out more details and register to reserve your seat now!