Dr. George K. Chang

Dr. George K. Chang, President of ISIC

Director of Research, The Transtec Group, USA

Dr. George Chang is a world expert on pavement smoothness and intelligent compaction/construction technologies.  Dr. Chang has founded the International Society for Intelligent Construction – ISIC (www.IS-IC.org). His research, teaching, specification development, and software tools have helped make significant technological advancements in the above fields.  The websites he develops and maintains, Profile Viewing and Analysis – ProVAL (www.RoadProfile.com) and Intelligent Construction Technologies (www.IntelligentConstruction.com) have evolved into the one-stop-shop for pavement smoothness and intelligent compaction/construction. He has been leading the US national deployment effort of the International Roughness Index (IRI) with ProVAL and intelligent compaction with Veta since 2001 and 2007, respectively.

Dr. Chang has been the Principal Investigator (PI) for numerous projects that enhance pavement materials/structure design and analysis, pavement surface characteristics (smoothness/texture/noise), intelligent compaction for soils and asphalt pavement construction, and intelligent construction technologies, etc. Examples of these projects include FHWA ProVAL Support, HIPERPAV, Concrete Mixture Optimization (COMPASS), Pavement Surface Enhancements, TPF/EDC Intelligent Compaction, and Veta software, and Intelligent Construction Systems and Technologies (ICST), FHWA PRBE, and FHWA RealCost. Dr. Chang has also developed and edited many ASTM and AASHTO standards. The above software tools and standards have been used by industry around the world. Recognized for his energetic, lively teaching style, Dr. Chang delivers pavement smoothness and intelligent compaction/construction related workshops around the world.

Dr. Chang has been the president for the International Society for Intelligent Construction – ISIC; chairman for Road Profile Users’ Group (RPUG), TRB AFD90 Pavement Surface Properties, and Vehicle Interaction committee, and ASTM E17.31 Profile Measurement subcommittee. He is an Emeritus member of the AFD90 Pavement Surface Properties and Vehicle Interaction committee. He is a member of the AFH20 Pavement Rehabilitation committee, AAPT, etc. Dr. Chang received many industry awards including ASTM Kummer Lecture Award, ASTM Meyer-Horne Outstanding Achievement Award, RAI Power List Award to rejuvenate the US infrastructure, NOVA award from Construction Innovation Forum (CIF), Founders’ Award from RPUG, ASTM Billiard-Stubstad Award, TRB Certificate of Appreciation, Emeritus Member of TRB AFD90 Committee.  His research work has been featured in over 50+ professional publications and 100+ reports.