Mr. Antonio Nieves

Mr. Antonio Nieves, Technical Committee of ISIC

Construction Engineer, FHWA, USA

Tony graduated from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico in 1985, where he also served as professor in this institution. More than 30 years of professional experience in several engineering areas highway design, drainage design, concrete/asphalt pavements, construction, and technology transfer. He has worked in several positions in FHWA among them National Highway Institute, Research Engineer for the Long Term Pavement Performance Program (LTPP), and International Programs. Worked in both concrete, asphalt, and construction teams in FHWA. Served as the Executive Director of the Pan-American Institute of Highways (PIH) where a number of technology transfer programs for Latin America were developed. Worked with FHWA Construction Management Team where he implemented the agency’s efforts on Intelligent Construction Systems and Technology (ICST). Served as the FHWA national lead on the implementation of Intelligent Compaction under the Everyday Counts 2 initiative (EDC-2). Serves as the FHWA national team lead on the implementation under Everyday Counts 4 initiative (EDC-4) on Pavement Preservation.· Serves as the FHWA national lead on Pavement Preservation and Maintenance.