Prof. Guanghui Xu

Prof. Guanghui Xu, Vice President and Secretariat of ISIC

Southwest Jiaotong University, China

Dr. Xu is an expert in dynamics and testing technologies for road and railway industry. He has been conducting research at: Design Institute, Research Institute, Harbin Institute of Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, and etc. in China. Since 1993, he has been PI of more than 20 continuous compaction control (CCC) and Intelligent Compaction (IC) research projects in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Department of Transport, and Chinese National Natural Science Foundation. He has developed the first Chinese National IC standards “Technical Code for Continuous Compaction Control of Fill Engineering of Railway Earth Structure” (TB10108-2011), and “Technical Specification for Continuous Compaction Control of Fill Engineering of Railway Earth Structure”(Q/CR 9210-2015).

In 1998, Dr. Xu started his research on CCC for embankments and proposed to monitor compaction degree, compaction uniformity, and compaction stability in order to overcome the limitation of conventional quality acceptance standards. Dr. Xu had applied CCC to many railroad projects in China including: Shanhai-To-Quenmin high-speed railroad, Huhehaote-to-Zuiger railroad, Bejing-to-Shengyang high-speed railroad, and Shijiazhuan-to-Jinan high-speed railroad.

Recently, Dr. Xu has been developing a quality acceptance standards using CCC in highway and railroad for the Chinese Department of Transport that are expected to help widespread use of CCC/IC in China.  As one of the CCC/IC pioneers in China, he authored a book entitled “Dynamics Principle and Engineering Application for Continuous Compaction Control of Fill Engineering of Subgrade” as a monumental summary of the first 20 years’ development of CCC/IC.