The Secretariat of ISIC assemble and operate the following Task Groups:

  • Task Group A – Administration and Finance,
  • Task Group B – Meeting Program (including the local host of next ISIC Meeting to develop the agendas as well as to secure the facilities and speakers required for the ISIC Meetings.)
  • Task Group C – Sponsorship and Industry Participation (reaching out to industry and cooperation to obtain sponsorship and exhibits for next ISIC Meeting),
  • Task Group D – Communication (broadcasting ISIC meeting information and maintain the ISIC website and social media)
  • Task Group E – Membership process and approval, The Task Group E – Membership shall nominate candidates to maintain a committee membership of up to 16 Steering Committee members and up to 40 Technical Committee members.  The Task Group E – Membership shall remove members who are inactive for a long period of time.
  • Task Group F – ISIC journals and other publication.

ISIC Coordination Offices 

We have also an ISIC Coordination Office for the Northeastern China Region, led by Xu Jin (徐进) of Longe Group 龙格集团.

The Chinese title of this office is: 国际智能建设学会中国东北区联络处。

The address in Chinese is: 哈尔滨市南岗区哈尔滨 大街与中兴左街交叉口爱达九溪LOFT1栋10层 龙格集团总部.