Subcommittees shall be authorized and approved by the Executive Committee to focus on the areas of interests within the Scope. The Subcommittee shall be composed of experts from various fields within the Scope.

Subcommittee officers and members shall be from the Steering committee, Technical Committee, and General Membership. Any candidate Subcommittee members can be recommended and approved by the current Subcommittee chairs or members. A person can join multiple subcommittees, though maximum of two is recommended.

SC1- Perception and Control
All technologies related to data acquisition and controls, including sensing technologies, data collection technologies (e.g., GNNS, LiDAR, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)), Internet, monitoring technologies (e.g., materials, paving, and intelligent compaction), Automated Machine Control (AMC), Automated Machine Guidance (AMG), and Autonomous Control Machinery (ACM), etc.

SC2- Data Analysis and Management
All technologies related to data analysis and management, including data science (e.g., Big Data, data communication protocols and standards), signal analysis, Cloud computing, and digital information platforms, etc.

SC3- Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Engineering
Application of AI on construction, including intelligent algorithms/computing and methodologies (e.g., engineering expert systems, neural network, machine learning, etc.)

SC4- Integration and Innovation
Application with fundamental theories and integrated technologies during design, construction, and rehabilitation/maintenance stages, e.g., stress analysis, augmented reality technologies (BIM, VR/AR, 3D visualization), interaction between construction machinery and constructed media, risks forecast/evaluation, management and decision-making, specification development, etc.

SC5- Green and Safety
Conservation of natural resources, environmentally friendly technologies. Application of automated sensing/safety technologies on construction and operation, and forewarns of all kinds of disasters and recovery, etc.

SC6- Education and Training
Promotion and popularization of intelligent construction technologies with education and training, including development of teaching materials, and workshops, etc.