ISIC International Conferences

The date and location of each ISIC Conference shall be set by the Steering Committee. The meeting locations shall be rotated around countries selected by the Steering Committee.

The ISIC Conferences shall consist of technical presentations, panel discussion, and an ISIC business meeting.  The ISIC business meeting shall include reports from task groups/subcommittees/Chapters, and acting on all business brought forth before next ISIC Conference.

The Task Group for Meeting Program will develop next ISIC Meeting agenda and distribute it at least 3 months prior to the meeting.

The host agency/organization shall provide logistics of ISIC Meetings. When no host organization exists, the NCPP shall provide for said assistance as per memo agreement between ISIC and NCPP.

The frequency of ISIC Meetings is two years unless authorized to change by the Executive Committee. Currently, it is every two years.

Note that All Past Conferences’ reports and presentations are for members only!

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