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The 12 Most Impactful Books to Read in 2018 |

We are working with several publishers to roll out ICT books in the near future. The current one is “Intelligent Construction Technologies for Transport Infrastructure – A Book Series” that includes the following titles:

Part 1

1 – Introduction to Intelligent Construction Technologies for Transport Infrastructure
2 – Foundation of Sensing -I: Information Technology in Engineering
3 – New Developments in Construction Technologies: Toward Truly Intelligent Technologies
4 – Tools for Measuring Quality: Sensing and Data
5 – Pioneer of Intelligent Construction: Intelligent Compaction

Part 2

6 – Aids to Engineering Construction: Virtual Reality and Visualization for Construction
7 – Foundation of Sensing Technologies -II: One-Dimensional Dynamics and Intelligent Application in Engineering
8 – Foundation of Analysis: Mechanistic Methods and Intelligent Analysis
9 – Intelligent Construction Database Next Generation of Expert System
10 -Intelligent Construction Management: Information Platform for Intelligent Construction

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