ISIC Journal

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We have a plan for a journal focusing on the scope of ISIC in 2 to 3 years. Until then, we’ll publish bulletin a couple of times a year.

Journal Title

We are currently planning for a journal entitled “INTELLIGENT CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES FOR INFRASTRUCTURE
with an acronym as ICTFI.


The mission of the proposed ICTFI journal this journal is to provide a forum for the dissemination of knowledge concerning the collection, analysis, and application of information relating to intelligent construction technologies (ICT) for infrastructure. ICT is a combination of modern science and innovative construction technologies. The mission of ISIC to promote the applications of ICT to the life-cycle of infrastructure: from the survey, design, construction, operation, and maintenance/rehabilitation by adapting to changes of environments and minimizing risks. The goals of its mission are to improve the quality of construction, cost-saving, and safety.


The scope of the proposed ICTFI journal covers all current and emerging intelligent construction technologies for the life-cycle of infrastructure. The Scope includes intelligent sensing, data analysis, decision-making, and execution. The fields that the Scope covers include civil engineering, construction machinery, electronic sensor technology, survey/testing technology, information technology/computing, and other related fields.

Subject Areas

The subject areas of the proposed ICTFI journal include eight (8) topics under ICT as described as follows.

1 – Theory and Applications

Basic theory and applied research on intelligent construction-related fields. It includes mechanics (such as elasticity, wave, and vibration, viscoelasticity, fatigue, and fracture), engineering machinery, sensors/measurement technology, and intelligent algorithms, as well as related theories and applications.

2 – Sensing Technologies and Equipment/System

All relevant technologies for obtaining information. including sensor technology and equipment, measurement technology and equipment, data acquisition technology and equipment, Internet of Things, etc.

3 – Information and Data Applications

Intelligent construction involves information and data related technologies. Including data science, signal analysis, cloud computing, information platforms, etc.

4 – Artificial Intelligence Applications

Application of AI technology in engineering construction. includes a variety of intelligent algorithms and techniques applied in the construction field sites, engineering expert systems, machine learning, and more.

5 – Intelligent Designs

All relevant intelligent technologies in the design phase. Including CAD, BIM, VR/AR, AI, etc.

6 – Intelligent Construction and Automation

All relevant technologies during the construction phase. Including material monitoring, paving and compaction monitoring, automated machine control (AMC), automatic mechanical guidance (AMG), autonomous engineering machinery (ACM).

7 – Intelligent Maintenance

All relevant intelligent technologies in the maintenance phase. including a variety of non-destructive testing technology and equipment, evaluation, and decision-making technology.

8 – Integrated Technology Subcommittee

Relevant technologies not covered by the above ICT subject areas. It includes a variety of boundary disciplines and technologies, innovative technologies with potential engineering applications.

Target Readers

The target audience of the proposed ICTFI journal includes academics, agencies, industry users, and equipment/system producers.