General Membership is open to representatives of public agencies or any organization active or interested in the ISIC Scope and who have attended at least one ISIC-related meeting in the past four years. The benefits of membership include accessing members-only contents (such as ISIC conference presentations), discount rates of ISIC conference registration fees, etc.


All individuals applying for General Membership shall complete an application form containing information on their qualifications.

Please use the Contact Me page with subject line “Membership Application” to submit the application form as an attachment.

Membership Fees

The membership due is still yet to be determined. Stay tuned!

Membership Process

Action on the applications for General Membership shall be performed by Task Group E – General membership under Secretariat. General Members may be added at any time, subject to the Qualification. There shall be no limitation on the number of General Members.

Member-Only Contents

2017 ISIC Conference presentations

2019 ISIC Conference presentations

ISIC North American Chapter Member-Only Page

Current General Membership

Name/Title/AffilicationMember's CountryISIC Membership/Chapter
Mr. Tom Abell, , Zieler CATGeneral/North American
Mr. Blair Anderson, , CaltransUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Tim Aschenbrener, Civil Engineer, FHWAUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Adam Au, , OHDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Jeff Benefield, , ALDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Ross Bentsen, , IL TollwaysUSAGeneral/North American
Ms. Amy Biese, , NDDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Richard Bradbury, , MEDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Al Casteel, , GADOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Mattew Chandler, Asst. Manager, TNDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Daniel Clark, Evaluations & Research Unit, Chief, PennDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Michael Connors, Transportation Supervising Planner, CTDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Stephen Cooper, Pavement & Materials Specialist, FHWAUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Matt Corrigan, Research Civil Engineer, FHWAUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Jason Dick, Veta developer, Transtec GroupUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Bryan Downing, Global Sales Support Consultant, CaterpillarUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Curt Dunn, , NDDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Richard Duval, Construction Research Engineer, FHWAUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Dennis Dvorak, Resource center, FHWAUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Mark Eckert, Product Manager, VolvoUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Brian Egan, , TNDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Glenn Enstrom, Director of MNDOT OMR, MnDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Bert Erdmann, Director - Engineering, Bomag Americas, Inc.USAGeneral/North American
Mr. Richard Evans, Vice President, Wirtgen/HAMMUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Ebi Fini, Construction Engineer, CaltransUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Lee Gallivan, President, Gallivan ConsultingUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Partick Gärtner, Development Control Systems, HAMM AGGermanyGeneral/North American
Mr. Richard Giessel, State QA Engineer, AKDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Amanda Gilliland, Project Manager, Transtec GroupUSAGeneral/North American
Dr. Brendan Hafferty, Western Regional Manager, FORUM8UKGeneral/European Union
Dr. Aliasger Haiderali, Consultant, Geotechnical Consultant, DNV GLUKGeneral/
Mr. Petter Haraldsson, Product Manager, Leica GeosystemUSAGeneral/North American
Ms. Jennifer Harper, Research Engineer, MODOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Mike Heim, , NYSDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Brian Hill, , IL DOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Kyle Hoegh, , MnDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Bob Horan, , Asphalt InstituteUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Richard Hordern-Gibbings, , PropellerUSAGeneral/North American
Prof. XiangChen Hou, Professor, Harbin Institute of TechnologyChinaGeneral/
Mr. David Howley, , CTDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Prof. Jun Huang, Professor, SW Jiaotong U.ChinaGeneral/
Mr. Larry Ilg, , ORDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Roohollah Kalatehjari, , AUT UniversityNew ZealandGeneral/
Mr. David King, Technical Support, CaterpillarUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Kevin Kliethermes, , FHWAUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Thomas Klinteberg, Machine control division, Leica GeosystemSwedenGeneral/North American
Mr. William Lac, , CaltransUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Craig Landfeld, , OHDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. James Lano, Product Manager, MOBAUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Gallivan Lee, President, Gallivan ConsultingUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Jim Linn, , Zieler CATUSAGeneral/North American
Ms. Sheri Little, , PennDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Prof. Min Liu, Professor, NC State UniversityUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Martyn Luby, Pavement Business Development Manager, VolvoSwedenGeneral/North American
Mr. John Martin, , GADOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Ken Maser, , GSSIUSAGeneral/North American
Prof. Mehran Mazari, Assistant Professor, California State UniversityUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Jan Mennink, Product Manager, TOPCONUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Alex Middleton, Research Engineer, MSDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Mike Miline, Managing Director, Synergy Positioning Systems Group New ZealandGeneral/
Mr. Kiran Mohanraj, Project Manager, Transtec GroupUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Axel Mühlhausen, , HAMM AG GermanyGeneral/
Mr. Laikram Narsingh, Manager, Wirtgen/VogeleUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Casey Nash, , MEDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Bill Neja, , Mathy ConstructionUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Chuck Oden, President and CTO, Earth Science SystemsUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Daniel Oesch, Field Materials Engineer, MODOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Bill Painter, Senior Manager, TOPCONUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Vijayakumar Palanisamy, Product Manager, DynapacUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Dale Peabody, Director of Research, MEDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Chad Pink, , ILDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Dr. YanJun Qiu, Professor, Southwest Jiaotong UniversityChinaGeneral/
Mr. Dan Rawls, Marketing Consultant, CaterpillarUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Taylor Richardson, , Zieler CATUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Roger Roberts, , GSSIUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Arnold Rutz, Developer, Wirtgen/VogeleGermanyGeneral/North American
Dr. Steve Saboundjian, , AKDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Thorbjorg Saevarsdottir, , New University of IcelandIcelandGeneral/
Mr. Joerg Schittenhelm, , MOBA AGGermanyGeneral/
Mr. Kevin Scotese, , VolvoUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Juergen Seemann, Program Manager Road, Leica-Hexagon GeosystemGermanyGeneral/North American
Mr. David Shelstad, VP International Sales, MOBAUSAGeneral/North American
Dr. Jimmy Si, Transportation engineer, TXDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Jeroen Snoeck, , VolvoSwedenGeneral/
Mr. Robert Sommerfeldt, , GSSIUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Sam Steeley, Product Manager, VolvoUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Kelly Steeves, Paving Account Manager, Leica GeosystemUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Mike Stennett, , ORDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Bill Stone, , AZDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Prajwol Tamrakar, , TensarUSAGeneral/
Mr. Mark Tarvin, Paving Product Manager, Caterpillar Trimble Control TechnologiesUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Ragu Thangavelautham, , CaltransUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Samuel Thériault, , ACRGTQCanadaGeneral/North American
Mr. Yuki Tsukimoto, Director of Research, Sakai JapanGeneral/North American
Mr. Jeff Uhlmeyer, State Pavement Engineer, WSDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Luigi Vendittelli, OEM Support Manager, Leica GeosystemUSAGeneral/North American
Prof. Alex Visser, Professor, U of PretoriaSouth AfricaGeneral/
Mr. Daniel Weaver, Global Product Marketing Specialist, VolvoUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Stephan Weller, Head of software products, Wirtgen/VogeleGermanyGeneral/North American
Dr. Carl Wersäll, geotechnical engineer , Royal Institute of TechnologySwedenGeneral/
Mr. Jim Weston, , WSDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Zoeb Zavery, , NYSDOTUSAGeneral/North American
Mr. Peng Zhang, Engineer, JSTIChinaGeneral/