Monumental Intelligent Compaction (IC) Report – NCHRP 24-45

The monumental Intelligent Compaction (IC) report – NCHRP 24-45 just got released! Download the report fromĀ The full title is “Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Earth Material During Intelligent Compaction”. This is an arduous 4-year-long efforts of the UTEP team (@University of Texas in El Paso), led by Prof. Soheil Nazarian. I’m just so proud to be one of the consultants for this research! This research and report has taken IC to the next level — measuring modulus or mechanical properties with IC. It also sets the foundation to measure layer by layer properties and push IC closer to be used as a compaction quality acceptance tool to ensure pavement foundation and the entire pavement structure be adequate and uniform for long lasting pavements. It’s applications can also be extended to ports, landfill covers, earth dam, and etc. Go IC! @International Society for Intelligent Construction